Enikő Horn launched the brand E N I H O R N in 2013. From the beginning she has placed great emphasis on environmental consciousness and her products represent sustainable fashion. An important aspect is the design and creation of long-lasting and timeless pieces which is why all E N I H O R N bags are made of bio-based leather certified Italian leather. For the eight year now she has been dedicating to the „zero waste” philosophy maximizing the usage of all the raw materials and aiming at a production with zero or minimal waste. The bags are made in an artisan leatherworker’s atelier which has been operating in Budapest since 1991. The E N I H O R N pieces are high quality products of the Hungarian slow fashion movement.

The uniqueness of E N I H O R N bags lies in their shape and practicality. The special feature of the brand is that the clothes appear as accessories to the bags, so the bags become central pieces of the outfit. E N I H O R N believes in the principle of „ wearing things that are make us feel comfortable”- her pieces represent a style in which comfort, beauty, elegance and femininity are all present at the same time.
It is in this spirit that the brand creates pieces that are easy to combine.

Certain pieces of success return in the collection reinterpreted creating a continuity in the flow of understated pure elegance and endless imagination.

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